Monday, May 20, 2013

Wearing Colors You Love When They Don't Love You Back

Yellow is a great color for spring.  Yellow makes me happy.  Yellow is very "on trend" right now.  Yellow makes me look, well, kind of sickly....  You know what?  I wear yellow anyway, just not next to my face.

Adding shoes and accessories in a bright color to basic black and white is a great way to wear colors you love that don't look that good on you in large doses.  It's also a great way to showcase a bold pair of shoes or quirky bag and keep an otherwise ultra-conservative black and white outfit from fading into the background.  For example, the bright yellow and white Naughty Monkey spectators (an eBay purchase) and the unique safety pin handle on the Bodhi clutch from eBags, below, really stand out when paired with a vintage style black and white plaid dress by Stop Staring from Enza's Boutique in downtown Indianapolis (one of my favorite boutiques).  

Is there a color you love but think you can't wear?  Try mixing a bold shoe in that color with basic black and white!

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