Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Four Eyed Girl

I do not have a happy history with glasses. I did not want them; I cried the first time I had to get them; I rarely wore them; I often misplaced them. My first visit to the optometrist in grade school prompted the kind of shoulder-shaking, lip-trembling, over dramatic sobs that insecure tween girls are given to. Oh, the wretched horror of having to wear glasses. 
Boots (Tommy Hilfiger); Glasses (OGI from Revolution Eyes)
I cried again in law school when I found out my eyesight had deteriorated to the point that I could no longer meet the minimum uncorrected vision requirements to qualify for the FBI, which was actually the reason I went to law school in the first place. The poor optometrist who delivered the news about just how nearsighted I was didn't know quite what to do with the sobbing mess before him. An awkward hug ensued. It did not make me feel better.
Hat (Jessica Simpson from Nordstrom Rack); Scarf (Amazon); Cardigan (ModCloth)
A few days ago, I nearly shed a few more tears when I realized I'm now having trouble seeing things close up, too, resulting in the need to add reading glasses to the mix. Does that make me a "six-eyed" girl? Can bifocals be far away? Oh, the wretched horror. Thankfully, in the past several years I've come to appreciate glasses, embracing them as accessory rather than merely a utilitarian necessity when giving my eyes a break from my daily contact lenses. Case in point, these unique ivory and tortoise OGI frames are the perfect complement to this whimsical eyeglass print dress.  
I saw this eyeglass print cotton fabric online and immediately envisioned it as a dress.
The dress was custom made for me by...wait for it...a Memphis based seamstress whose business moniker is "Four Eyed Girl." How apropos! Four Eyed Girl owner Ashley Whitten Kopera specializes in whimsy, and her dresses always fit just right (she's made four of them for me in the past few years). I find a fabric I love; send her a link; and she goes to work creating a one-of-a-kind piece just for me. Check out her shop here!
Statement jewelry in smoky quartz and opals from Ross-Simons adds a touch of sparkle to the simple cotton dress and cardigan combo.
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!
The silver and rose-gold Fossil watch is from Nordstrom Rack
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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Off-Stage Style Story

It may be a challenge to recycle the average bridesmaid's dress, but I'll happily wear hand me downs from the Indiana Repertory Theatre's costume and prop warehouse. This taffeta, velvet and tulle skirt that once graced the production stage is the best black skirt I've ever owned. Even better, it cost me a whopping...wait for it...five dollars!
The dramatic, wire-collared paisley top is from a small independent boutique in Bedford Indiana called Pretty Woman; I added marcasite and pearl brooches from Premier Designs jewelry Five Diamond Designer Sherrell Bundy Smith on each turned back sleeve to create a French cuff look. The Nina crystal shoes are from Amazon (find them here, on sale).
Wondering who let me loose in the IRT's warehouse and what other treasures I unearthed while there? Read more here. I was surprised to learn while scouring the several thousand square foot storage space that theatre "costumes" were more often than not high quality garments that could easily have a life beyond the stage. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for another back stage shopportunity soon! 
This versatile cocktail hat was an inexpensive Amazon find; The earrings are from Gordman's and were $2 on clearance, yet I have worn them to more black tie events in the last two years than my diamond and pearl fine jewelry earrings, demonstrating once again that cost that how much you spend on something is not particularly relevant to the "style" you embody.
In the meantime, a few weeks ago I wore the skirt to the IRT's Celebrity Radio Show fundraiser, giving it a theatrical comeback in the same historical venue where it made its debut. Though not on-stage this time around, the skirt still brought plenty of off-stage drama paired with an iridescent paisley top; crystal encrusted heels; and, of course, a cocktail hat. This is exactly how I prefer my drama: ONLY in my wardrobe and on the stage!
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!
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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Be Your Own Superhero

Cape (Ginger & Spice Boutique); Glen plaid trousers (Kohls); Quilted purse (Kate Spade); Booties (J.Lo from eBay)

Throwing on a cape reminds me that I have an inner Superhero. We all do, and we should unleash them as often as possible, whether we wear a cape or not. (Cape or no cape, though, my inner Superhero is still a klutz; I presently have two broken toes to prove it).
The hat is from Amazon, but I jazzed it up with a vintage Art Deco brooch.
My inner Superhero is out in full force right now. I had to call on her because, lately, I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed by a heaping plate full of self-imposed obligations. I've also been a little under the weather (not to mention the broken toes), making my "to do" list loom even larger. 
The fur "collar" on the cape is a vintage piece from the 1960s gifted to me by a friend. The ivory belt is from Amazon and replaced a brown belt that came with the cape.
And when I start to get overwhelmed, my evil twin and inner Superhero's arch nemesis starts to pick on me. That bitch - how dare she keep me awake at night, filling my head with negative thoughts. How dare she criticize me every time I look in the mirror. 
My inner Superhero prefers ivory framed Dior sunglasses to a mask.
So the cape is on. The inner Superhero is out, and she is going to keep her evil twin out of my face and out of my head. If you're battling your own evil twin, remember you have an inner Superhero, too. Let that powerhouse out (even if you don't wear a cape)!
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