Sunday, July 21, 2013

Vanilla Caramel Sunday

Editor Pants (Express); Silk Peasant Blouse (Boston Proper); Shoes (Poetic License); Bag (Dooney & Bourke); Faux Tortoise Cuff and Pendant(Tagged Designs); Leather Belt (Nordstrom)
        Bright white pants are a dangerous choice for me, given my proclivity for clumsiness.  (Did you read my prior post, Calamity Jane's Left Shoe?)  In high school, my tennis coach banned me from drinking anything other than clear liquids prior to my matches because my crisp white uniform was a magnet for spilled drinks.  While working as a waitress in college, I once spilled an entire gallon of Thousand Island dressing on my white button down at the beginning of a 12 hour shift (I smelled like a Big Mac all day long).  On our second date, I proudly proclaimed to my future husband that I didn't need his help carrying our Chinese take-out to the car because I used to be a waitress, and then promptly dropped his dinner in the parking lot.  In the first week of a new job as a corporate lawyer, I spilled an entire plate of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn in my lap during a lunch meeting with key company executives (at least my suit was black that day).  You get the point...bright white pants are a dangerous choice for me.  
         And yet, I can't resist pairing them with this caramel-hued silk blouse because it's such a great combination with the vanilla caramel striped spectators from my favorite brand, Poetic License!  I love these shoes with their subtle seersucker-like stripe, rich caramel leather, and quirky tassel ties.  I also have a yellow and blue version of the same shoe (see them in prior posts here, and here).  These are the kind of shoes you build outfits around just so you can wear them more often, and they're super comfortable, too!  So, I boldly take the risk that accompanies the bright white pants!  I do, however, choose my food and beverage wisely while wearing them.  Red wine and vanilla caramel sundaes are out, clear liquids and non-greasy foods without sauce are in.  Hmmmm, maybe white pants are a tool for healthy choices!
         How do you wear white pants?  Any tips for keeping them spotless?
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!

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