Saturday, August 20, 2016


While I appreciate the versatile, universally flattering (not to mention slimming), and timeless style of the Little Black Dress, lately it's been the Little White Dress that's captured my attention. In fact, I have very few LBDs, but in the past few years I seem to have started a mini collection of LWDs. In my opinion, the right LWD is just as timeless as the LBD, though a shade more seasonal and somewhat trickier to wear when you're spill-prone like me.
Luckily, a slate of annual "white parties" has given me plenty of opportunity to wear these colorless closet gems. Tonight will be my third "fete en blanc" of the Summer, but they're not redundant and you'll never hear me complain. Different venues; different groups of friends; different menus; different decor; and yes, often (though not always) different dresses, make each one fresh and fun.
Tonight's "White Night" is sponsored by Yelp. It's become an annual tradition. Limited to 1000 guests (which sounds like a big number, but there's a wait list every year), the event is usually held downtown on Monument Circle. Revelers bring their own table decor and picnics featuring homemade and local fare; and savvy local vendors are on site to offer samples of tasty temptations, as well. It's one big, elegant picnic. These photos are from last year's White Night (I didn't blog about it at the time, so I thought I'd share now as I gear up for tonight's soiree sans color with some of my most colorful friends!) 
One of my favorite elements of the Yelp event, in particular, is the opportunity to create a pretty table. I love, love, love to set the scene for a meal with friends. From plates and flatware to flowers and favors, tending to the little details brings me joy. Last year's galvanized tin and whitewashed wood tablescape was festive for fine dining al fresco. Of course, you know I had to come up with something altogether different for tonight's installment, but that's still under wraps!
Getting creative with table settings is like an art project for me, and it's easy to get excited about it when you have foodie friends that always bring their "A" game cooking skills to the table. Last year's feast featured sriracha deviled eggs; a Chinese salad that may be the best salad I have ever eaten; baked brie; individual dessert trifles with fresh fruit and creme; and a host of other mouth watering nibbles.  
I know what the table will look like and I know what I'm wearing tonight, but I still don't know what new and different palette pleasing recipes I'll be treated to. I have no doubt, however, that they will be delicious (and, Dedee, please, please, please bring that salad again!) 
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!
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  1. Jody, I LOVE this white dress! Thanks for a fabulous post - it's beautiful, tantalisingly delicious, artistically gorgeous. I would love to go to one of these "white" parties/picnics, it looks heaps of fun. I have to say, you have one of the very best blogs, always stunning, colourful and stylish (and often delicious). Thanks for sharing. xx

    1. Hi Elizabeth, Thank you so much for reading the blog and for your kind words! I love treating clothing as part of the overall experience being created - from ensemble to decor to menu - my own little form of artistic expression! So happy to share with you!!