Wednesday, October 19, 2016

All Season Sundress

On Monday and Tuesday, we enjoyed temps in the high 70s. Today, we're looking at a high of 55...but I really like this sundress from Enza's Boutique and wanted to wear it despite the cooler temperatures.
Luckily, a quick switch of accessories makes the khaki faille dress look Autumn appropriate despite the somewhat summery pink and orange grosgrain ribbon trim on the pleated skirt. 
The purse and watch are both Michael Kors; the silk scarf came from a street market in India
A chocolate brown nubuck leather jacket and suede boots add warmth, in terms of both temperature and color scheme.  A rich woven silk scarf in hues of pink and orange echoes the accent colors on the skirt and pulls the whole look together. 
The scarf also adds warmth to my pale skin, which can look washed out in khaki. In fact, I actually think the "Autumnized" version of this dress is more flattering with my skin tone and hair color than the Spring/Summer version!
The same dress with striped Mary Janes from Irregular Choice and a pink cardigan is decidedly summery
So take a page out of my book and think about ways to stretch the wearability of your Summer dresses rather than stowing them for the Season - you might just come up with a whole new look to love!
Fashion is what you buy: Style is what you do with it!
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  1. Your autumn look is gorgeous. As always, I love the way you style what you have and create a whole new outfit, Jody. xx