Friday, June 28, 2013

IN Fashion Friday: Indiana Tomatoes and Aunt Kate's Consignment

             Fresh, ripe Indiana tomatoes are one of summer's sweetest treats, and since I'm not a good gardener (despite being raised on a farm), I'm always on the lookout for roadside farm stands and farmer's markets that have a good selection.  Southern Indiana has some of the best, and Harriman's in Spencer is definitely worth a visit.  YUM!  Last summer, I bought more than 60 pounds of tomatoes at Harriman's on my way to Bedford for a weekend with my in-laws.  We ate some of them sliced and sprinkled with more salt than we need, and we used the rest to can homemade salsa.   
  •          That same weekend, my mother-in-law also introduced me to Aunt Kate's Consignment in Bedford, where I was surprised to find these like-new
  • ripe tomato red
  • suede loafers by Franco Sarto for $3.50!  Score!  I'm in love with the off-white leather whipstitching, and they turned out to be the same unique hue as a pair of pants, bag and watch that I've owned for years but had always paired with navy shoes.  This shop is a hidden gem, and stopping there is a little treasure hunt I look forward to whenever the opportunity presents itself.  The clothes and shoes are upstairs, while the main floor has furniture, home decor, and assorted oddities.  While not a destination in and of itself, if you happen to live in Monroe or Lawrence County or find yourself visiting friends or relatives who do, consider hunting a bit of treasure at Aunt Kate's.  
  • Aunt Kate's Consignment
  • (812) 277-1815
2811 Washington Ave, Bedford, IN 47421
Do you shop at consignment stores?  What's your best fashion consignment find?  Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!


  1. We have moved to 2525 29th street. In front of the bowling alley.

  2. We have moved to 2525 29th street. In front of the bowling alley.