Friday, August 16, 2013

IN Fashion Friday: Flutter by Butterfly!

Photos taken at Butterfly; All clothing and accessories are Butterfly inventory (but I took the gold Valentino coat dress, the harem shoes, and denim sundress home with me!)  That gorgeous Louis Vuitton tote and luggage could be yours, though...
Butterfly Consignment in Castleton is my new favorite consignment store.  Since the day it opened its doors, Butterfly has maintained meticulous standards regarding the clothing it sells.  The result is a well curated collection of high quality, in-season styles and high fashion pieces you'll want to own! My most recent visit netted a mint condition gold silk Valentino sheath and coat dress and a classic Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress in olive green shantung, neither of which would have been in my budget when they were new.  Ever the shoe fanatic, I also couldn't resist a pair of bronze beaded harem shoes that are unlike any I've ever seen. I'm not sure what I'll wear them with, but I liked them enough that I'd have been willing to pay more than their $9 price tag. 

I lingered over the never worn, still in the box purple boiled wool ankle booties from Poetic License (one of my favorite shoe labels), but ultimately decided I didn't need another pair of purple ankle boots (yes - I already own purple ankle boots) so I emailed a friend and fellow Poetic License lover instead to give her the inside scoop.  I was tempted by the racks of St. John knits and a spotless Louis Vuitton luggage set - both labels that Butterfly regularly has in stock at realistic prices.  I was also amused to find a black Sunny Leigh off-the-shoulder embroidered top exactly like the one I wore in this post, but in black (see photo, below).  

In addition to fantastic consigned inventory, Butterfly also sells handcrafted artwork, jewelry and soaps created by local artisans.  The design of the boutique is upscale, yet friendly and inviting, which makes bargain and treasure hunting there a real pleasure.  I've also consigned some of my own pieces with Butterfly.  The process is simple, and you can keep up with the status of your items and earnings via the web.

Photos taken at Butterfly; All clothing, shoes and accessories are Butterfly inventory (but I took the olive Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress home with me!); That adorable embroidered Sunny Leigh off-the-shoulder top, the hot pink and purple banded skirt and the hot pink Banana Republic french cuff blouse could be yours, though, as could those boiled wool booties from Poetic License I'm wearing in the bottom right photo.
Are you ready to Bfly?  You can flutter by days per week. 
Butterfly Consignment
6697 East 82nd Street
Indianapolis, IN
Mon-Sat:  11am-7pm
Sun: 12pm-5pm
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!

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  1. When I saw the top photo I said - ohhh, I hope she got that coat and dress :)