Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Unexpected Pairing

Blouse (Dress Barn); Capris (Counterparts, Steinmart); Bag (Michael Kors, TJ Maxx)
I am one of those people who would prefer that my food not touch. Each component should be separate - no mixing! Mashed potatoes should sit beside homemade noodles, not underneath! I realize I'm in the minority here, especially as a born and bred Hoosier. I blame a certain grade school boy, who triple-dog dared me to breach the tidy little compartments of the school lunch tray and mix my canned peaches into my baked beans before I ate them. It.Was.Vile. To this day, I do not eat baked beans or canned peaches (though I will happily eat a fresh peach).
Watch (Kesaris, Steinmart); Belt (Ralph Lauren, Macy's)
The only exception to the no mixing rule was the delightful combination of Taco-flavored Doritos and cottage cheese, discovered on a camping trip with my grandparents some thirty summers ago. My Grandpa George couldn't have cared less about my mealtime quirks - it was "quit whining and clean your plate" with him. And so it was that I had to choke down those little orange triangles that had lost their crispness to the stray, wet curds that had crept out of their designated area on my Chinette. Lo and behold, and though I was loathe to admit it after the dramatic fit I had thrown, I actually liked the combination. Doritos dipped in cottage cheese soon became a staple of my visits with them. 
Sandals (Talbots)
Like Doritos and cottage cheese, this pink and bronzy gold combination was an unexpected but delicious pairing. I've had this silky pleated blouse for five years and I usually wear it with brown, black or navy. I've worn it so often, I was bored with it. But, inspiration struck as I was contemplating different ways to wear these pink canvas and cognac leather sandals from Talbots 2013 summer collection... et voila, a new way to combine clothes already in my wardrobe to create an entirely new flavor! If you're bored with what's in your closet, try mixing things up a bit before you hit the mall for something new. I triple-dog dare ya!
Pairing the same top with bright pink instead of predictable black brought it back to life for me.

Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!

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