Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Old Hollywood Remake

Gown (Betsy & Adam, Macy's); Shoes (Isabel Toledo for Payless); Earrings (Givenchy, Nordstrom); Crystal barrette (Swarovski); Crystal-embellished evening clutch; Tanzanite and Diamond ring (Master Jewelers, St. Maartin); Vintage 1940s white gold and diamond watch (Wyler, G. Thrapp Jewelers)

I've worn this gown before. I'm going to wear this gown again. I don't know when or where, but I love it so much I can't imagine NOT wearing it at least one more time.
Why is it that women (myself included) are so reluctant to wear the same evening gown more than once? I wouldn't think twice about wearing this dress over and over and over again if it were an "every day, wear to work" kind of dress. But with evening wear, it's just...different. Perhaps it's because there's a "specialness" to dressing up for a black tie affair, which is not something most of us do often. Maybe it's because once we've worn a statement making, memorable dress, we think others will judge us harshly if they see us wearing it again at another event. After all, celebrities who walk the red carpet of umpteen award shows wouldn't dream of wearing the same dress twice...
But, let's face it, the red carpet culture isn't real life. Designers don't give us dresses; we're not going to be featured on E's Fashion Police (RIP Joan Rivers); and most of us can't afford to spend buku bucks for a dress we're only going to wear one time. What's more, if we're lucky enough to find a gown that we love and that makes us feel beautiful, why wouldn't we want to wear it again?!
My friend Crystal Hammon recently wrote about this very topic on her blog, Dressed Her Days Vintage. In her thought-provoking post, she included a quote from former model and fashion icon Murph Damron that really struck a chord with me. In fact, Murph's wise words are what convinced me that I could and should wear this dress again. She said: "Wearing the same amazingly stunning long or short evening dress or gown is like having a masterpiece of art that everyone sees and admires when they walk into your home again." 

Though I've long thought of fashion as wearable art, Murph's perspective was one I'd never considered. To be sure, I wouldn't remove my favorite painting from the family room just because guests at a party had seen it before. Why should a beautiful dress be treated differently?!  
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!
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