Friday, May 22, 2015

Poetic Pop of Pink for Pippa

Dress and jacket (Pretty Woman Boutique in Bedford, IN)
More black and white...
What can I say? 
I just can't resist
in the month of May. 
Shoes (Elle Runway Collection)
Satin striped shoes
with bows of black
echo the colors
of the checkered flag.
Watch (Tag Heuer, G. Thrapp Jewelers)
The shoes make this outfit,
of that there's no doubt,
with a bright pop of PINK
 as a Pippa shout out.
Safety Pin Clutch (Bodhi)
Why the bright hue?
It's not what you think.
It's not just 'cause she's a girl
that her racecar is PINK.
She's sponsored by Komen.
She drives it with pride.
for her PINK Indy ride.
Like me she loves fashion,
fast cars and shoes, too.
We met at a style show,
After the Komen for the Cure Fashion Show, Fall 2014.
On Sunday I'll cheer for the driver in PINK
I hope when it's over, Pippa,
the milk will be yours to drink!

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