Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ode to Orange

Nothing rhymes with ORANGE, I'm told.
No words to pair with a color so bold.
But worn with turquoise, it's quite sublime,
Even if with orange, nothing does rhyme.
Turquoise and orange make a fresh pair;
Two of my favorites for weather fair.
Like a setting sun on an azure sea,
Turquoise plus orange makes a happy me.
My stanzas are simple; a sonnet it's not.
This ode to orange won't provoke much thought.
Nevertheless, it's a poem I choose,
To talk about these beloved orange shoes.
Orange croc with blue suede and four inches high,
These shoes from Zappos were an excellent buy.
From Poetic License, my favorite footwear.
They inspired this rhyme I just had to share.
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!
All the details from this post: Shoes (Poetic License); Orange and white striped dress (eShakti); Mandarin Garnet and diamond ring (Aronstam Jewelers); Blue Topaz ring (Ross Simons); Carnelian, blue topaz and calcedony necklace (Laura Gibson); Bridal bit enamel bracelet (Churchill Downs Gift Shop); Earrngs (Erica Lyons); Watch (Michael Kors); Safety Pin Clutch (Bodhi Bags); Sunglasses (freebie giveaway from a University of Miami football game)
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