Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Forget Frankenstein...try Lichtenstein!

Makeup and photographs by Kelly Oswalt for Red Carpet Reflection; Dress (eShakti); Cardigan (Jessica Howard);
Bag (Amazon); Belt (eBay); Boots (Diba, Amazon)
When you love Halloween as much as I do, and your super-talented makeup artist friend wants to practice some new techniques and different "costume" looks for the upcoming haunted holiday, you jump at the opportunity. Even when it's a Tuesday afternoon and you don't have a party to go to. Even when it means showing up for a coffee date with friends in full "face." Even when you have to stop for groceries on the way home because there's no food (and most importantly, Diet Coke) in your house...
It's a good thing I'm not very self-conscious about standing out in a crowd, because I definitely got a few double takes as I was out and about yesterday. A few children stalked me at Kroger and one poor woman said I "done freaked her out" when she saw me in line at the deli counter. As for my friends...they weren't a bit surprised when I showed up for coffee looking like something out of the Sunday comics. And, hey, if businesses can start putting Christmas decorations out before the Great Pumpkin makes his annual appearance (which is just wrong), I can surely pull off a Halloween look just eleven days before candy corn coma day.
I have wanted to try a Roy Lichtenstein inspired look for a few years, and I was excited for a chance to experiment with it. I pulled items from my everyday wardrobe to complete the pop art picture - pieces I wouldn't normally wear together, but which coordinated perfectly with my comic book inspired tote bag and Kelly Oswalt's makeup artistry. A quick Pinterest search also revealed a simple tutorial for pop art fingernails (because I don't do anything halfway). 
I was beyond impressed with Kelly Oswalt's artistic flair and I hated to wash it all away at the end of the day, but I look forward to finding an opportunity to have her recreate it. If you're in central Indiana and want a unique, professional look for Halloween, I highly recommend Kelly and her business, Red Carpet Reflection. Let her create some makeup magic for you!
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!
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