Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Ah, Saturday morning cartoons. How I loved the Laugh Olympics, Tom & Jerry, the Smurfs, and those "meddling kids" (before Scrappy came on the scene and ruined the whole thing). A big bowl of cereal and Looney Tunes on the telly made for a sweet, sweet Saturday morning. Remember the episode where Daffy Duck rants at the illustrator, who erases and redraws him in crazy colors with flower petals around his head?! I love that one.
Slightly more obscure (okay, a lot more obscure), but one of my favorites, was a mid-80s cartoon that mixed live action characters with animation and music videos called Kidd Video. I loved Kidd Video. The title character had a bit of a Duran Duran vibe. I had a grade school crush on him. None of my friends seem to remember the show at all. They really missed out.
This fun, kitschy bag reminded me of the show's opening sequence, when the animated villain Master Blaster appears in a mirror and transports Kidd and his band to the Flipside where they discover they're no longer real people but cartoon characters. 
Much like Master Blaster in the mirror, the bag is an animated accessory that looks "drawn" into a live scene with colored Sharpies. It's a fun Saturday tote that's also practical enough to hold all the essentials. I smile every time I carry it (and sing a little Kidd Video in my head). Both the bag and the comic book redhead skirt can be found on Amazon. The bag comes in several other fun styles, too.
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!
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