Friday, December 18, 2015

A Little Red Dress Affair

I couldn't decide which dress or which shoes to choose for the inaugural Little Red Dress fundraiser, and ultimately went with something entirely different, but I'm still in love with this embroidered lace dress by Maggie London from ModCloth. The red satin and crystal shoes are Badgley Mischka and the black and red d'orsay pumps were designed by Isabel Toledo. I've owned both pair for a few years now and relish every opportunity to wear them. The three strand jet beads are vintage and once belonged to my Grandmother Dorothy. (Photo courtesy of Jason Jones
Though the name of this blog is a reference to my childhood nickname and ginger locks rather than crimson hued footwear, I do in fact have a soft spot for the perfect red shoes, so much so that sometimes it hard to choose. The same can be said of red dresses...I have a few. So, I was honored when invited to provide social media coverage for the inaugural Tots and PawsLittle Red Dress event at The District Tap few weeks ago,even if I did change my mind about both my dress and my shoes at the last minute.  
I don't like to go bare-legged in winter, but opaque tights don't look right with a cocktail dress and strappy satin sandals...fishnet tights bridge the gap and add an interesting contrast to the sheer embroidered lace of the dress. (Photo courtesy of Jason Jones)
Proceeds from the Friday evening fundraiser benefited the Hamilton County Humane Society and each guest also brought a new, unwrapped toy that was donated to Toys for Tots. Puppies and kids - if you can't support those causes you probably have green skin and your heart's an empty hole; your brain is full of spiders; and you have garlic in your soul. I also think you're just a little bit cooler if you caught that classic Christmas movie reference.
Sometimes you just can't tell which shoes work best with a dress until you try them...(Photo courtesy of Jason Jones)
The night was an unmitigated success, especially for a first-time event in the midst of a busy holiday season, raising more than $3000 and three truckloads of toys for underprivileged children. Revelers in rouge were treated to complimentary beer tastings from Sun King Brewery; bourbon tastings from Old Forester; a bountiful buffet courtesy of the restaurant; and an inordinate amount of exceptional door prizes from generous local businesses. I dutifully shared live details from the festivities on Instagram and Facebook, though when the Flatbed Twitch Trio started jamming, I have to admit I put my camera away to join the red sea on the dance floor.
The crimson color is dramatic, but the real allure of this dress is all in the embroidered details. (Photo courtesy of Jason Jones)
I'll be honest - the Little Red Dress affair was my second soiree of the night in a week full of evening commitments so I expected to kick off my shoes and hit the hay long before the party ended at midnight, especially since I had nearly an hour drive home. That said, the band was so good and the energy in the room so infectious that I stayed until the very last song (which should have been Lady in Red, but wasn't - just a note for next year, lol). I for one, am already looking forward to an even bigger event in 2016.
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!
(photo courtesy of Jason Jones)
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  1. As a guy, I can't really say anything about your choice of shoes that go with your dress, but I'm glad your fundraiser was a success. Hope you had fun.