Wednesday, January 11, 2017

There's no place like home...

The photo above was an of several recent photobombs by an eager 5 month old puppy yet to master the "down,stay" commands. Yet, as I was about to delete it, I was reminded of a recent Wizard of Oz Meme sent to me by a friend that featured the above quote, and it made me smile. 
Boots (Lauren Lorraine)
Welcoming a puppy back into my life has brought me joy every single day. Far more joy, even, than these sparkly boots that called to me from a store window in Vegas over the holidays (which I then ordered online for 1/2 the price!) Not to say that these boots don't bring me joy, too...they really do. I practically giggle every time I look down at my feet.
Hat (Betmar with custom embellishments by yours truly); embroidered soutache jacket (Damee; The Secret Ingredient).
You may see a bit (or a lot) more of fur baby Tim Riggins in the coming months, even if it's just a blur of red fur in the corner of a photograph as he runs by...have I mentioned fast-growing little guy has a lot of energy? So. Much. Energy.
The embroidered soutache detail in red and burgundy adds texture to the sheer mesh fabric of the Damee jacket, but I still added a black tank underneath for modesty.
I'm no Dorothy and the Hoosier Heartland is about as far from Oz as you can get, but I'll take my red boots over the ruby slippers and Tim Riggins over Toto every day of the week. There's just no place like home with my dog after a night out in great shoes!
 Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!
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