Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Be Your Own Superhero

Cape (Ginger & Spice Boutique); Glen plaid trousers (Kohls); Quilted purse (Kate Spade); Booties (J.Lo from eBay)

Throwing on a cape reminds me that I have an inner Superhero. We all do, and we should unleash them as often as possible, whether we wear a cape or not. (Cape or no cape, though, my inner Superhero is still a klutz; I presently have two broken toes to prove it).
The hat is from Amazon, but I jazzed it up with a vintage Art Deco brooch.
My inner Superhero is out in full force right now. I had to call on her because, lately, I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed by a heaping plate full of self-imposed obligations. I've also been a little under the weather (not to mention the broken toes), making my "to do" list loom even larger. 
The fur "collar" on the cape is a vintage piece from the 1960s gifted to me by a friend. The ivory belt is from Amazon and replaced a brown belt that came with the cape.
And when I start to get overwhelmed, my evil twin and inner Superhero's arch nemesis starts to pick on me. That bitch - how dare she keep me awake at night, filling my head with negative thoughts. How dare she criticize me every time I look in the mirror. 
My inner Superhero prefers ivory framed Dior sunglasses to a mask.
So the cape is on. The inner Superhero is out, and she is going to keep her evil twin out of my face and out of my head. If you're battling your own evil twin, remember you have an inner Superhero, too. Let that powerhouse out (even if you don't wear a cape)!
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