Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Snow White & the Severed Snow Tire

Jacket (Jones New York, JNY Outlet); Skirt (Lapis, Steinmart)
So a recent decision to wear Winter white from head to toe coincided with a vicious attack on my right front tire by a hidden pothole (or "chuckhole" depending on where you're from). Because of course it did.
The boots by J.Lo were a new in box eBay find; I added the crystal snowflake brooches for a bit of extra flair.
I was raised on a farm. I learned to drive on an International Harvester. I can drive a stick shift. I know how to change a tire. In fact, when I took my first performance driving course a few years ago, my instructor timed me while I changed all four tires from street to racing slicks, and I was progressively quicker each time.
The woven leather accents on the metallic and snakeskin leather clutch by Jack Rogers echoes the circular crocheted lace design of the skirt.
That said, an unexpected the dark... in 19 degree weather is NOT my idea of the perfect opportunity to show off my pit crew skills. Add to that the fact that I was wearing perforated ivory ankle boots and a creamy crocheted skirt and well, yeah....
Think about unconventional ways to wear brooches (and even earrings) to add unique detail.
Thankfully, I was "rescued" forthwith by a chivalrous Private First Class in the Army home on leave for a visit with his family. He wasn't in his Dress Blues but he was as charming as a Prince when he stopped to help me out. And while I prefer my princesses strong willed and independent a la Merida (I don't love her only because she's a redhead), I was grateful that I could stay warm and toasty and keep my "snow white" outfit pristine. I offered to pay him but instead he asked that I "pay if forward" whenever I had the right opportunity. A real Prince, indeed.
Now, if could just eat an apple and hibernate through the coldest part of Winter... but that's not how the story goes, so I'll appreciate the beauty of the snow and the beauty of people helping other people.

Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!
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  1. Glorious winter white ensemble! And happy to hear of your rescue! Thank you for sharing your divine headwrap with Hat Attack!