Thursday, April 10, 2014

Support the Sisterhood!

Clockwise from top left:  Madison Hanulak (photo courtesy of Studio 505); Leslie Bailey (photo courtesy of Michelle Pemberton, Indianapolis Star); Crystal Hammon; Jody DeFord; Megan Giannini; Maggie Connor
If you've been following Red's Shoe Diaries, you may remember the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pink Sweater. When we started this initiative last October, my friend and fellow blogger Crystal Hammon and I had one goal:  to raise awareness and money for the critical breast cancer support services provided by The Pink Ribbon Connection while at the same time highlighting vintage fashion and its relevance in today’s world.  If you're new to the blog or this is the first time you've seen this 1960s Barbie pink gem, check out my original post. This cutie of a cardigan has a fascinating history!  It also travels in style from woman to woman in its own vintage pink suitcase.

Breast cancer affects women of every age and in all walks of life.  So, it seems appropriate that the sweater's journey to date has included a diverse group of women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s.  Our lives, our experiences, and our personal styles are different, but the Pink Sweater is a common thread that unites us in support of a cause that matters to each of us.  

...and who knew that one little bubblegum pink sweater from the 1960s could look so different, but so current, on blondes, brunettes, and redheads in so many different stages of life!  Maggie and I both paired the sweater with leather skirts, but her thigh high boots and suspenders are rocker chic where my navy pleats and monogrammed candy-stripe Mary Janes are more modern prep. Madison channels a modern day Jackie O with her ballet flats and classic pearls; while Leslie looks mod in pink and black with sleek riding boots.  Crystal's vintage brooch highlights the unique neckline of the sweater but denim keeps the look unfussy; and Megan styled the sweater in not one, but three completely different, modern ways.

Here's a travelogue of the Pink Sweater's journey and all the sisters who have joined us on this project so far.  Click on the links to see details of each woman's unique way of wearing our "sweater with a cause!" 

1. Crystal Hammon, Blogger at Dressed Her Days Vintage
2. Jody DeFord (that's me!)
3. Leslie Bailey, Reporter and Adventuress at the Indianapolis Star and blogger at The Adventures of Lesalina
4. Megan Giannini, Loxa Beauty Blogger
5. Maggie Connor, Blogger at The Haute Hoosier 
6. Madison Hanulak, Stylist and Blogger at Preppy Guide to Life 

7. KimAnn Schultz, Illustrator and blogger for the Huffington Post (coming soon!)

We'll keep you updated as the sweater's one year journey continues, at which point we'll bring all of the sisterhood together in celebration.  I can't wait to meet all of my "sweater sisters!"  You can also follow along on social media by searching "#sisterhoodofthetravelingpinksweater."  Of course, as Crystal so aptly put in her recent post, this sweater is about so much more than the women who wear it: "It’s about raising money to support women who are on one the most difficult journeys life can throw anyone—an assault on health."  With that in mind, if you know one of these dedicated "sisters," we hope and pray you’ll honor their effort with a tax deductible donation and help us spread the message by sharing this post and the sweater's journey with your friends! Visit Crystal's post at Dressed Her Days Vintage for more details, and to learn about an incentive for donors!  
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!

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