Wednesday, April 2, 2014

In Like a Leopard

Red jeans (mid-90s vintage - see them styled another way here); Cowl Neck Sweater (Soft Surroundings); Bag (Michael Kors); Shoes (Bandolino - see them styled another way here and here); Belt (Ralph Lauren,; Watch (Charming Charlie); Fedora (vintage)

How many times have you heard that the month of March "comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb?"  This year, the old Farmer's Almanac idiom seemed particularly apt, though I wish the lamb had showed up a little earlier.  With no "spring break" trip to warmer climes this year, I'm ready for some serious sunshine and the chance to break out my golf shoes.  Until then, it's neither lions nor lambs, but leopards I've got on my mind (or my feet, as the case may be).  I'm also taking advantage of the low key atmosphere that permeates my office this time of year (when it seems almost everybody but me is on vacation) to wear jeans to work, albeit in red rather than traditional blue.
With less people in the office for the last couple of weeks, I also decided it was the perfect time to try out one of several treadmill desks available for use throughout the building.  I'd been wanting to do this for months, but if you know me at all (or if you've read this post), you know I'm one of those people that is sometimes challenged to walk and chew gum at the same time.  So, I really wasn't all that sure I could read and work while on a treadmill, and I didn't relish the idea of becoming another highlight for "Ultimate Redhead Fails."  Yep, that's right - a whole video dedicated to gingers falling down.  A friend told me about it a few weeks ago.  When I shared it with Kevin, his immediate response was, "Oh, I don't need to see a video for that, I witness it in person all the time..."  Thanks, Kevin.

Despite my trepidation and lack of grace, my treadmill desk experiment was a success, and I found it pretty easy to spend an hour working while plodding methodically toward my 10,000 steps per day minimum goal.  It's no substitute for my regular work outs, but it's a lot better than sitting at my desk all day, and it actually gave me some additional mid-afternoon energy.  Doing it in these calf-hair, leopard print shoes, however, was not my best decision.  I'll be tucking a pair of tennis shoes into my briefcase tomorrow. 
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!

If you're a fan of hats like the vintage fedora I'm wearing in this post, visit Style Crone's monthly Hat Attack for inspiration.

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  1. Another thing we have in common! I purchased a standing desk last year and I love it. Treadmill added to that would be hard for me! As for Kevin's remark, I'm almost afraid for our husbands to meet. We'll have the two of them ganging up on us!