Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pippi Golfstocking

Dress (J. G. Hook); Cardigan (Jessica Howard); Belt (eBAy); Orange python cuff (Diego Rocha); Ponytail holders (courtesy of some lovely houseguest who forgot them!)
I don't know if it was the citrus striped Mary Janes; the circus bright color combination; the fact that I'd be going straight from the office to the golf course in 85 degree weather and wanted my hair off my neck; or if I was possessed by the spirit of Pippi Longstocking (one of my favorite ginger haired childhood heroines), but yesterday I made a spur of the moment decision to wear my hair in pigtails.  This might not seem like a big deal, but I literally have not worn my hair this way since grade school.  And, yes, I'm using the term "literally" in the correct manner...have you noticed how often people misuse it?  It drives me crazy, but not "literally crazy."  It actually just annoys me quite a bit. 
Mary Janes (Poetic License, with custom monogram clips from Etsy); Golf shoes (Callaway, with custom kilties)
I have to say, this hairstyle certainly shortened my morning routine.  I didn't time it, so I can't say that it was "literally" a three minute hairdo, but it can't have taken much more than that.  Bonus points for extra time under the covers (have I mentioned I'm not a morning person?!)  It's definitely not an everyday 'do, but a nice change from a standard pony tail and maybe a little more polished looking (despite the juvenile sounding description...isn't there a better term than pigtails?)
I love this fun, tulip-shaped headcover by Winner Edge Designs - it protects my new driver and coordinates with my golf bag and the orange grips on my irons.
Speaking of saving time, I don't like to mess with lugging a change of clothes with me to the office, so I try to make sure whatever I wear to work will make a smooth transition for any after-hours activities on the calendar.  I can't always accomplish this - I once attended a Killers concert in a black pinstripe business suit and felt like the only adult in a sea of skinny jeans-clad teenagers (though I don't think I was "literally" the only adult).  I also can't really get away with wearing my softball uniform to the office.  But for golf, it's pretty easy to get by with only a change of shoes.  Literally!
Then and now:  even my beloved childhood dog Cinnamon, an Irish Setter, was a redhead; the bottom photo was taken at Service Merchandise (remember that place?) when my parents were testing out polaroid cameras.  I don't remember wearing pigtails much after that, though I did have some unfortunate banana clip 'dos in middle school.
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!
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  1. Did you really play golf in a dress? I have always wondered about doing this! You embolden me, girl! Love your hair...and you! I have not forgotten about our golf date. It looks like I'm all the way out to August. My workload has been voluminous and then I've got a vacation and a batch of company, so that's why you haven't heard from me about a date!

    1. I've played in sundresses and skirts lots of times - when it's a light cotton madras like this one, it's so comfortable, and cool in hot weather! I'm looking forward to the Brickyard when we can find time in August - I know you didn't forget me :)