Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Full Monty

Dress courtesy of Karina Dresses.  It's a perfect dress for packing (no wrinkles), and it has pockets!
The "Full  Monty" - it's not what you think, at least not in the context of Red's Shoe Diaries!  I'll leave the more traditional definition to that similarly titled 1990s Showtime series.  For me, "Monty" will always be the enormous, mouse-eating python that lived in Mr. Randak's Freshman biology class.  Like this blog, Monty's name was wordplay for a pop culture reference.  Monty Python -get it?!  It's probably not terribly original to name a python Monty, but my 15 year old self thought it was brilliant.  I've always loved a good play on words - it's probably one of the reasons I liked Mr. Randak and his class so much, though I also liked feeding the snake and the fact that I sat next to a boy I had a huge crush on...
I can't get enough of these Poetic License shoes - I have three different color schemes in this style.  They are incredibly comfortable, and I can't resist a spectator.  It was total coincidence that the snakeskin leather on the heels is a perfect match to the patterned dress.
Come to think of it, that boy had a lot in common with Mr. Randak.  They both had very muscular forearms (I know this is a really weird observation - don't judge), and he was good with wordplay, too, once cracking up our entire Speech and Lit class during a discussion of Great Expectations when he mentioned that narrator Pip moved away from the "marsh" and now lived by the Kroger (admittedly, this is a reference that only a Hoosier is likely to understand).  The Speech and Lit teacher did not think it was as funny as I did, but then again, the Speech and Lit teacher did not appreciate how cute this boy was. 
I also have this Bodhi bag in three colors- when I like something, I really like it; The Aqua Master watch was a bargain Overstock purchase to celebrate my first jury trial victory several years ago; The SunChip-inspired sterling silver pendant on a black leather cord was handmade by local Indianapolis jewelry artist Dani Fishman - you can find her spectacular pieces at GoldMine Jewelers.
Why am I telling you any of this?  Monty was the first thing I thought of when I received this snakeskin print dress from Karina in the mail.  I have a tendency to involuntarily word associate, so thinking about the python led me down memory lane.  It also increased the frequency with which I have randomly spouted Monty Python quotes of late...you can't expect to wield supreme power just 'cause some watery tart threw a sword at you! 
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!
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