Monday, September 1, 2014

Look On the Bright Side

Dress (Ivanka Trump, Macys); Cardigan (
From the first pair of "designer" prescription glasses that I talked my mom into splurging for my freshman year in high school (Liz Claiborne was the Kate Spade of the 1980s) to the oversized pair of Cole Haans that I dropped in the lake this past 4th of July, I have cracked, smashed, misplaced and flat out lost more pairs of glasses (both prescription and sunglasses) than I can count. Those treasured style sensations with the iconic little triangles on the temples went missing just weeks after I got them. Devastated by the loss, I spent the better part of six weeks' worth of allowance and lunch money to replace them. I didn't want my mom to know, so I called the optometrist and worked out a payment plan "on the downlow." Of course, just one week after I finished paying for the new pair, my tennis partner mentioned she'd seen a pair of glasses just like mine in the office lost and found.... On the bright side, having two pair of glasses meant I could keep one at school and one in my locker.
Sunglasses (Rayban,
As an adult, I splurged on my first pair of wrap-around Oakley sunglasses when I was training for a week-long 500 mile bike ride across Iowa, only to lose them on a century ride in Michigan shortly before the big trip. With that much time in the saddle coming up, a new pair was a must. On the bright side, Kevin was working at a sporting goods store at the time, and the substantial employee discount meant that both pair together cost little more than the full retail price of a single pair.
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This summer, I dropped my favorite pair of sunglasses in the lake when I was getting out of the boat. I'd managed to hang on to that particular pair of tortoise-framed Cole Haans for 3 years (pretty much a record for me), so I was pretty disappointed to watch them sink out of sight before I could do anything about it. On the bright side, when I dug around my closet for a spare pair, I rediscovered an old pair of cat-eye glasses that I'd forgotten all about and really liked. 
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Sadly, a few weeks later, I stepped on them and broke one of the ear pieces. On the bright side, that was just the excuse I needed to pick up these tortoise Wayfarers trimmed in sunshine yellow. A few friends are taking wagers on how long I'll be able to hang on to this pair, but I'm choosing to be optimistic... After all, my brother was visiting two weeks ago and actually found the Cole Haans at the bottom of the lake!

My glasses certainly aren't rose-colored, but I'm doing my best to heed the advice of Monty Python and "always look on the bright side of life!"

Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!
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