Monday, November 17, 2014

No More Mauve!

Skirt and Cardigan (H&M); Turtleneck (Target); Belt (; Boots (Butterfly Consignment); Floral Necklace (The Limited); Pocket Watch Necklace (For Love 21)

A grocery store clerk recently complimented my skirt/sweater combo and told me that mauve was her favorite color. I wasn't sure what one had to do with the other, but I thanked her politely, took my 40 foot long receipt (seriously, the length of grocery receipts is ridiculous), and went on my way. I'm not exactly sure what to call the prominent pinkish hue in this ensemble. "Salmon pink" is my best description, though Pantone probably calls it something else. But of this I am sure - it is NOT mauve. 
Bracelet (Lenny & Eva)
And believe me, I know mauve. We are not friends. In fact, mauve makes me sick (or at least it makes me look sick, much like that ubiquitous 2014 Pantone Color of the Year, "Radiant Orchid." I am no radiant orchid, and I don't do mauve.

When we moved into our current home, it was a mecca of mauve. Mauve tiles on the great room fireplace; metallic mauve flowers on the wall; mauve stained glass in the ceiling fan; mauve stripes in the puffy 1980s balloon valances; mauve blinds on every window; even the felt on the pool table was mauve (seriously, a mauve pool table). Bet you can guess the first thing I changed about the house...No.More.Mauve! 
Watch (Fossil); Bag (Brahmin)
I don't mean to disparage mauve (or the grocery store clerk who loves it). My mother looks great in mauve. My grandmother looks great in mauve. Maybe you look great in mauve, too. How mauvelous for you! Mauve power to you (I know, I know, that's a really bad one. I should just mauve on...)
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!
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  1. I love this outfit. Plaid is my all time favorite! You always dress so awesome!!!

    1. Thanks, Kish. I really appreciate it! I love plaid, too, especially in the Fall and Winter. There's something so comfy cozy about it.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Crystal! Hope to see you at the Pattern meet up this week.

  3. I hate mauve too. All for pink but hate mauve. Love your bracelet...and salmon pink!

    1. Kindred spirits in the pink department! Thank you!