Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Apropos Apron

Yes, I did base the whole outfit around the apron!  Apron (Homegoods); Corduroy Goucho Pants (Soft Surroundings); Sweater (Dress Barn); Belt (Nordstrom); Mexican fire opal and diamond pendant (Master Jewelers, St. Maartin); Booties (Frye, Zappos.com)
 Aprons have always reminded me of my days as a waitress (Pizza Hut and Waffle House during high school and college, respectively).  Hence, I've pretty much stayed away from donning them no matter how messy the cooking, and despite the fact that I am a colossal klutz and often end up wearing part of the meal I'm making.  It's not that I have bad memories of my waitstaff days (with the exception, perhaps, of an unfortunate incident involving a crisp white shirt and an entire gallon of Thousand Island dressing that left me smelling like a Big Mac for the better part of a 12 hour shift), but there was certainly  nothing glamorous about the work or the uniforms.

Last year, my attitude toward the humble apron changed when I stumbled across a cache of vintage-inspired pieces featuring tiers of coordinating fabrics and interesting details (like the ruffles at the neckline).  At only $10 each, I was sold.  This deep brick "Jody orange" apron with polka dots and poppies is one of my favorites, and I was actually excited to wear it during Thanksgiving preparations last week. 

Perhaps I should be slightly embarrassed that my choice of Thanksgiving day attire was based around an apron (which I took off once dinner was served), but I am who I am.  Whether it's my outfit or the table settings, little details are important to me.  This was our first time to host a Thanksgiving meal, and I relished the opportunity to create a visual and virtual feast for our 14 guests. 

Multiple family members always pitch in with delectable, traditional dishes - my sister-in-law is an ace noodle maker; my niece makes a mean stuffing; my aunt brings the must-have pumpkin pie and persimmon pudding; and my mother-in-law's multiple dishes are always drool-worthy.  This year, a big shout out also goes to Kevin for peeling all the spuds for the mashed potatoes, even though I very nearly boiled them into oblivion!  This much-appreciated division of labor made it possible for me to spend a bit of time creating an edible centerpiece overflowing with Honeycrisp apples, grapes, nectarines, and navels; pull out the copper pumpkin napkin rings and heirloom candlesticks; and find butter carved in the shape of a turkey.  Love, love, love the turkey-shaped butter, which I never knew existed before this year!  Aunt Gloria quipped that it brings a more literal meaning to the term "butterball turkey."  I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your own loved ones.
Creating festive table settings and centerpieces brings me such joy!

Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!

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