Thursday, August 13, 2015

Skis, Schwinns & the Summer Skirt

A few weeks ago was the annual "Feast 'n Ski" at Heritage Lake - our neighborhood's version of a Block Party. Along with a ski and wakeboard show featuring local kids, adults, and sometimes even dogs, there are exhibitions by professional skiers and wakeboarders; a kids' casting competition; and a live band. The yearly celebration is also a significant, volunteer-run community fundraiser that helps keep our lake clean, safe and stocked with all manner of freshwater fish.  
It's fun to see local waterbugs demonstrating their skills and having fun at the annual neighborhood Feast 'n Ski. (Photo courtesy of Paul Corsaro)
I volunteered to help sell and serve food this year - a fun way to catch up with old friends, make new ones, and contribute in a small way to the community. I'd hoped to take some pictures of the festivities, but the stream of hungry picnickers was steady, and I was so busy counting change and chatting with neighbors that I never even looked at my phone, let alone stopped to take photos. The talent of our local kids (young and old) is actually pretty remarkable, though, so I'm sharing the above photo captured by a friend across the cove.
This retro print skirt from Amazon comes in other prints, too.
I was also too busy to take any photos when I got caught up in the afternoon's live auction. It was a shiny reproduction of a classic Schwinn that caught my eye.
Had it been a regular old road bike, I probably wouldn't have given it a second thought. I already have a perfectly good Cannondale, after all. But the vintage style really captured my imagination, and neighbors who know me a little too well were quick to point out that it was the perfect complement to my retro skirt. It was also my favorite color of "Jody orange." Did I mention that? And it was for a good cause, so that's something, right?
Nearly this whole ensemble consists of bargain finds, and only the skirt is new this season. The shoes are from Target; the necklace (a perfect complement to the striped hats in the fabric) is from Burlington Coat Factory; and my straw hat is from WalMart. Style is not about how much you spend!
Let the bidding frenzy begin! Ultimately, I came to my senses and let the bronze beauty go to a gentleman from the north end of the lake despite a small crowd egging me on about how well the bike matched my outfit. I mean, really, who buys a $350 bike to go with a $16 skirt?! I'm fairly certain I'd have had buyer's remorse had I won, good cause or not. I hope the winning bidder feels good about the healthy contribution he made to the Lake Committee fund. Though somehow I doubt he'll be riding around the neighborhood in a vintage summer skirt. Hmmm, wonder if he'd like to trade it for a Cannondale...? 
As for the skirt, it's been a staple of my wardrobe this Summer. It's lightweight cotton and washes beautifully, but it's the fun print that's had me reaching for it over and over again. For less than $20 from Amazon with free shipping, to boot, it was an undeniable bargain. 
I don't think I could have said the same about the Schwinn, but I'm still keeping my eye out for another one...
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!
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  1. You can't even imagine how much more I love your style now that I know you don't spend a fortune on your clothes! Do you have someone tailor your clothes?

    1. Hi Allyson, Thank you! It's so much more fun (and real world practical) to get creative by mixing high and low end pieces. I love pulling together inexpensive pieces in ways that elevate the whole look. I do have a go-to tailor downtown (Papalia's Family Tailoring) - good fit makes all the difference. This skirt fit fine right out of the package, but I recently picked up a great grey seersucker dress for $8 on consignment that needs just a few tweaks to be the perfect fit. I can't wait to pick it up :)

  2. Your beauty is accentuated by your contributing to your community and your amazing writing. Every piece in your ensemble contributes to your radiant presence. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!