Thursday, August 20, 2015

Shoes & Stripes Forever

Chevron striped skirt (American Living); Cardigan (ModCloth); Tank (Gordmans); Sterling Silver and Neoprene Necklace (local Indianapolis jewelry designer Dani Fishman); Shoes (Kate Spade)

I've had this chevron striped skirt forever. Well, maybe not exactly forever, but I've had it since 2009. I still like it just as much now as I did when I bought it, and I've worn it a lot. But, lately it hadn't been getting much love, and I sort of forgot about it at the back of my closet. 
I forgot about it, that is, until I discovered these Kate Spade shoes (called the "Bina") at Zappos. I wasn't looking for shoes to wear with this skirt. I didn't need shoes to wear with this skirt. It's a black and white skirt, after all. There's no shortage of choices when it comes to coordinating footwear. But these shoes. These. Shoes. They jumped off the page at me (well, off the computer screen). They were on clearance; there was but a single pair remaining in my size; I had an unused gift certificate burning a hole in my virtual Zappos account. The only conclusion to be drawn was that I was supposed to have these shoes.
Yep - this skirt has been in rotation for years: the photo on the left was taken at my baby brother's high school graduation in 2009; the photo on the right was taken by photographer Faith Blackwell in 2011. I love pieces that stand the test of time.
And while I'm not ashamed to admit that I have, on occasion (I won't say how many), bought shoes that necessitated purchase of an entire ensemble to wear with them, that wasn't an issue with this pair. Nope, these new shoes meant new life for a well-loved but forgotten wardrobe staple. Sometimes a new pair of shoes really is all you need. 
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!
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