Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Teal, Tees, and Memories

I still remember the first time I beat my dad on a hole of golf. I was in the fifth grade. We were on Spring Break in Myrtle Beach. I was wearing khaki knickers and an argyle shirt. I was not a good winner.
Breton Stripe top (Cable & Guage); Skrt (Nicole Miller)
And by that, I mean that I danced around the green celebrating my par 3 bogie and taunting him for his (very unusual) double bogie, thanks to an unfortunate roll into a water hazard.
My celebration was more than a little out of proportion to the caliber of my play. In fact, I was playing on a ball I borrowed from his bag because I'd already lost all of my own in water hazards on earlier holes. (This course had water On. Every. Hole.) 
Hat (Kate Lord for the BMW Championships); Heart-shaped sunglasses (Amazon)
Nevertheless, taunt him I did. Dance a jig I did. Remind him repeatedly the rest of the week of my small victory I did. It was fair turnabout for his own relentless teasing. Because that's what he did.
Shoes (Callaway Golf with custom kilties by yours truly); Socks (Club Med, Vittel, France)
Though I continued to play with him periodically throughout my childhood, and even a few times as an adult, the 15th hole of that Myrtle Beach golf course is my favorite golf memory with my dad.  I still smile when I think about it.
My handmade, blown glass putter (PGA legal) is my favorite club, discovered at the Penrod Art Fair a few years ago - leave it to me to go to an art fair and buy a golf club!
I also still sometimes dance a little jig when I have a particularly good hole (though I never taunt anyone actually patient enough to play with me). I didn't find many reasons to dance in my actual play last weekend. But, the weather was great; I only lost one ball in a water hazard; and my self-customized golf shoes were just my style... I call that a good day on the course. I'm still smiling as I think about it.
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!
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