Thursday, June 25, 2015

Golf Course Blues

A golfing buddy has accused me of having CCOCD - that's OCD of the color coordination variety. I'd protest, but...yeah. 
Golf is not (just) about the shoes, though. I promise! Actually, I've been playing sporadically since the third grade. Last Summer, I played a lot. The repetition made a huge difference in my game, and I found myself enjoying (nearly) every second of it. I even played several solo rounds, and not just so I'd have more opportunities to wear the shoes.
Skirt (Ralph Lauren); Shoes (Callaway with custom kilties); Watch (Oakley)
When the leaves started to fall, I was on the cusp of breaking 90, which was my personal goal for the year. But, I am a fair weather golfer so when the temperatures dropped and the sun started setting too soon to squeeze in a round after work, I put my clubs (and shoes) away without seeing the 80s.
Dress (J. G. Hook); Cardigan (Jessica Howard); Belt (eBay); Orange python cuff (Diego Rocha); Ponytail holders (courtesy of some lovely houseguest who forgot them); Headcover (Winner's Edge Designs); Shoes (Callaway with custom kilties)
Though I should have known better, I expected to break out the sticks this Summer and pick up just where I left off. Uh...not so much. It's amazing how quickly bad habits return after just a few months without playing. It also seems both the weather and my schedule have colluded to keep me from playing as regularly as I did last year.
Purple striped top (Chadwicks); Purple skort (Athleta); Shoes (Callaway with custom purple kilties); Black and white striped top with lace neckline (Kohl's); Capris (Worthington, JC Penney); Braided leather belt (Lauren Ralph Lauren, Macy's); Braided leather golf shoes (Aerogreen, Lori's Golf Shoppe)
I did join a league for the first time, which has at least given me a modicum of consistency. Knowing that I've prepaid my greens fees, coupled with the fact that I have a partner counting on me to show up, gives me the freedom to prioritize 9 holes once a week when it might otherwise be all too easy to bail in the face of a crowded schedule. I'm still not feeling too optimistic about that personal goal, though...
Top (Apt. 9, Kohl's); Capris (Counterparts, Steinmart); Scarf, used as belt (Marley Lilly); Golf Shoes (Callaway, with custom kilties); Hat (Lacoste); Flip flops (Lindsey Phillips Switchflops); Watch (Skagen)
Nevertheless, I'll keep chipping away at my scores (actually, chipping is one of my biggest problems), and even if I go another summer without seeing the underside of 90, I won't be singing the golf course blues. I might, however, be wearing them...
Pink and navy top (Ralph Lauren); Navy capris (Casual Living); Turquoise and navy top (August Silk); Turquoise capris (Couterparts, Steinmart); Shoes (Callaway with custom kilties)
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!
Argyle Cardigan (G.H. Bass & Co.); Cargo Pants (Sonoma, Kohl's); Braided Leather Golf Shoes (Aerogreen); Watch (Gordmans)
For more information regarding my custom kilties: check out this post:


  1. Jody, so glad you're getting to play regularly this year. Joining a league sure makes that difference--totally agree. I love the knee length skirts and I want to know--shorts under them or not? I have considered this, but haven't really known how I would handle bending over and such. Your advice?

    1. Hi Crystal - I so enjoyed our Brickyard outing! Sometimes I do a skort (the purple outfit featured in this blog is the Whatever skort from Athleta and it's fantastic - looks like a skirt but has moisture wicking shorts built in, and the fabric is lightweight, moisture wicking, and non-wrinkle). But, if not built in, I just wear the skirt alone. I haven't found it to be an issue, though I suppose if it were especially windy there is opportunity for a "Marilyn moment!" As you know, I do not like to change outfits multiple times during the day - as much as I love fashion, I am a get dressed in the morning and go type of girl. That means finding office appropriate attire that will also work for an after work round of golf where the only thing I have to change is my shoes. I find that knee length skirts and capris are much more compatible with that philosophy than shorts or shorter skirts, which I'd reserve for the weekend.

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