Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Business Trip Treasures

"There is a second sort of traveler...those who weave in and out among the lives of people they encounter on the way, picking up, during their odyssey, a stitch here and a pattern there so that they return wearing cloaks 
embroidered with the rainbow of the world." -Mary Russell, The Blessings of a Good, Thick Skirt

Travel is one of my great passions, and the above quote has long struck a chord with me.  But, during a quick business trip to D.C. last week, I put a literal spin on it, and returned home with not one, but TWO new cloaks!  The conference I was attending was in a convention center connected to my hotel, and I was only there for two nights.  With a full slate of meetings and receptions, I had no plans to sight see or shop while I was there, so I left my winter coat in the car at the airport (it's so much easier to maneuver through security without the hassle of a heavy coat).  

But as fate would have it, I found myself with a few extra hours that first evening and ventured out in search of the sushi restaurant recommended by the hotel concierge, who assured me it would be worth the brisk, five block walk without a coat.   My California Roll was delayed, however, by a detour into Mustardseed, a quirky (and warm!) little boutique I stumbled across on my way.  I was immediately drawn to the well-curated vintage section (the store also sells new items) and, in particular, this mint condition faux fur coat by Borgazia (above).  A quick Google search revealed the coat was vintage 1960s and priced extremely well at only $32.  Needless to say, the rest of my walk to the sushi place and back to my hotel later in the evening was so much more pleasant wrapped in the delicious warmth of my new coat!  

For $20, I also couldn't resist the boiled wool sweater coat (below). The hand embroidered floral motif of thick, ivory yarn adds flair to the cozy vintage piece and demonstrates fine craftsmanship rarely seen in today's mass production world.  Paired with a black wool cloche and black or winter white trousers, it reminds me of something Diane Keaton or Indy style maven Deborah Dorman might wear.  My friend Deborah shares my passions for travel and fashions, and it was my association of this garment with her dramatic style that brought to mind one of my favorite travel quotes by author Mary Russell.  Deborah - you can borrow it if you want!
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!

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  1. Oh, you totally NAILED it. I'd have a hard time *ever* taking that coat off.

  2. You look so glamourous and gorgeous! What a first rate #secondhandfirst doll! I hope you linked up with Judith's monthly hat attack (the style crone) because that flowered cloche looks amazing on you. Thank you so much for being part of my bloggy community! xo. Bella

  3. Thank you, Bella! You and Judith are both an inspiration to embrace personal style wherever we find it!