Sunday, November 10, 2013

Not just for Baby Brothers and Batman!

Cape (Kasper, Steinmart); Lace Scarf (Betsey Johnson, Steinmart); Shoes (Poetic License,; Cashmere turtleneck (Carson Pirie Scott); Pants (Bass Outlet); Watch (Michael Kors, Nordstrom); Bag (Dooney & Bourke, Nordstrom)
Like so many children, my younger brother had a blankie when he was a kid.  He didn't carry it, though, he wore it as a cape.  I can still remember him "flying" through the house on any given morning in his underwear and bare feet, his black and gold mantle billowing behind him as he fought villains and rescued damsels.  My mom still has the blankie, and the knot in two corners that converted it into the superhero's cloak is still there.  These days, he's a hero of a different sort as an active member of the United States Army.  He looks handsome in his uniform, and I'm so proud of his service, but the big sister in me will always remember the little boy in the blankie.   

Lately, I'm having my own moment with the cape, and last week I donned one on two separate occasions.  The burgundy cape in the top photo, paired with a favorite lace scarf and glen plaid menswear inspired pants, made me feel more Sherlock Holmes than Superman, and felt just right for a cool fall day that wasn't yet cold enough for a winter coat.

The faux fur leopard capelet in the bottom photo was a new, and unexpected, addition to my wardrobe.  I acquired it at Style Swap Indy, a fundraiser benefiting the Indianapolis Star's Season for Sharing campaign and Face Forward Indy.  Guests at this inaugural event enjoyed cocktails, appetizers, a Just Pop In! popcorn bar and music by DJ Gabby Love while swapping high style but no longer loved items in their own closets for "new" treasures from the closets of other guests and brand new items donated by local boutiques like 8Fifteen.  I relinquished a vintage Cole Haan bag, a suede jacket, and a racer-back herringbone dress from my favorite boutique, Enza's, that is just not a good color for me.  In exchange, I came home with a brand new pair of J Brand cargo pants still bearing their $195 price tag (yikes!), a navy polka dot cloche from Nordstrom (and the closet of one of my favorite local fashionistas), and the glamorous leopard capelet with a distinct Old Hollywood vibe.  Indianapolis Star editor Amanda Kingsbury parted with the beloved and oh so soft cape that somehow never found its way from her walk-in closet to the gallery opening she imagined for it (read her article here).  I put it on the second I got it and wore it the remainder of the evening.  It even made a cameo on the local Channel 6 news when I gave an interview about the event.  I'm already thinking about its next adventure!

Would you wear a cape?    Maybe you'll find one at the next Style Swap Indy!
The red satin lining of the cape is my favorite!  Dress (Samuel Dong, Enza's Boutique); Bag (Alexander McQueen,; Hat (TJ Maxx); Earrings (Nadri, Nordstrom).  Photo courtesy of Liz Pinnick.
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!

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