Monday, December 9, 2013

Poetic License

Shoes (Poetic License); Necklace (Yaprak); Skirt (Anthropologie); Bag (Lauren Ralph Lauren)
Shoes (Poetic License); Skirt (Steinmart); Necklace (The Limited); Bag (Ralph Lauren Blue Label)
This British line of shoes delights
With comfort, style and colors bright.
In a crowd they will stand out,
These lovely shoes I rhyme about.

They’ll kiss your feet with style so grand,
You’ll fall in love with this quirky brand.
Winter, Summer, Spring, or Fall,
With Poetic License you’ll stand tall.

I’ve paired them here with skirts of lace
A romantic nod to Victorian taste.
If Downton Abbey was set today,
Lady Mary in these shoes would play.

I’ve several pair of these soles so dear,
You can see more looks here, here, and here.
And two more in stripes, both camel and blue,
Or pink and orange for a change of hue.

Here's one more from a prior guest post,
and also these, which I love the most.
If you have a pair, I'd love to see
Send a pic and share with me!

They're harder to come by in the States,
But across the Pond, they're all over the place.
If a UK trip is not in your plans,
Use Amazon and eBay to find the brand!
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!


  1. OH LAWDY LAWD! You brought TWO amazing shoes to the party! Wow. Both are terribly gorgeous, and yes quite poetic. And you've styled them to perfection. You're such a lovely thing! THANK YOU for sharing your shoe shine. YOU ARE A STAR.