Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Umbrellas & Ice Cream

Dress (Eshakti); shrug (Amazon); Belt (Amazon); Shoes (ShoeBakery); Diamond, peridot, citrine and iolate pendant (Ross Simons); Orange Python Cuff (Diego Rocha); Umbrella (Totes)
This dress from eShakti (an affordable online favorite) reminds me of the multitude of beach umbrellas that line Phillipsburg Beach on the island of St. Maarten, but since it rained so much in the Circle City yesterday, my little passion fruit parasol was a more apropos (and necessary) accessory. You won't hear me complain about the rain, though, even if my hair is not a fan of the wet stuff. Despite a miserable forecast, the skies have been remarkably clear for a few recent outdoor events I was really excited about, and I've been able to squeeze in a few rounds of golf between downpours, too.
I may love these ShoeBakery mint chocolate chip shoes even more than the real thing!
What I do sometimes grumble about is the fact that I can't eat ice cream. And I love ice cream. Ice cream, unfortunately, does not love me. Ice cream hates me more than my hair hates the rain. I can (and do) enjoy sorbet, but sometimes even the tart fruity sweetness of the best black raspberry sorbet pales in comparison to the mint chocolate chip creamy goodness I'd like to have.
The shoes were a splurge, but the belt and shrug were a combined $15 bargain purchase from Amazon.
But then there is Jiffy Treat. Ah, sweet Jiffy Treat. If you went to IU or have spent much time in Bloomington, you likely know all about the tiny ice cream mecca that is Jiffy Treat. What you may not know is that this bastion of frozen treasure has a non-dairy soft serve "ice cream" called Dream Delite that comes in decadent flavors like peanut butter cookie dough and cherry cheesecake. They only offer two flavors per week, and I never know before I get there what will be on tap, but it's always delicious, and it satisfies my ice cream dreams without repercussions not fit for polite conversation. I think I probably enjoy it even more because I can only get it when I head south; stopping at Jiffy Treat on the way home  from an IU game or a visit with friends and family is the icing on the cake (or the ice cream, if you will...)
The "sugar cone" heels are my favorite part.
KDef was recently in Bloomington on a Friday afternoon for an IU baseball game and sent me a text around 10 pm saying he'd be home after a stop at Jiffy Treat. Harumph! Thanks for rubbing it in, KDef. What I didn't know was that he'd had the forethought to take a cooler with him, so when he got home an hour later he surprised me with not one, but two cups of still semi-solid sweet deliciousness (he wasn't sure which flavor I'd want). His thoughtful largesse may or may not have been because he spent the day in Bloomington when I thought he was at home doing sorely needed yard work, but that's beside the point... I may or may not have eaten both cups that same night, but that's beside the point, too... 
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