Friday, September 4, 2015

Two Hues; Two Shoes: Which to Choose?

It's no secret I have a large collection of shoes. It's not an Imelda Marcos sized collection by any means (nor do I aspire for such) but, still, I'm relatively certain I have more shoes than the average person. I mean, of my favorite Christmas presents a number of years ago was a case of 100 clear plastic shoe boxes from The Container Store, and I've since purchased more, so...yeah. A lot of shoes....And when I really love a particular pair and know I'm going to wear them a lot, I've even been known to buy multiples, lest I be disappointed when the first pair wears out (particularly if a beloved style goes on clearance). 
On the other hand, I try to avoid having six pair of shoes that are remarkably similar and that I like equally well with the same outfit(s). I realize there's something incongruent and somewhat unrealistic about such a concern when I've just admitted to having more than 100 pairs(and perhaps more than 200), but I hate having to choose between them. So, whenever I fall for a new pair, I always consider how similar they are (in style, color, etc) to something already in my closet before I make a purchase. This has, on occasions to numerous to count, resulted in a (smart) decision not to buy. The clear shoe boxes assist with this endeavor, because my "shoeventory" is on display when I'm in my closet. 
Still, sometimes I find myself challenged to choose. Case in point: this navy and off-white Ralph Lauren sheath dress. From the day I bought it, I assumed I'd wear it with classic spectator pumps, but when I spied the Tommy Hilfiger peep-toe booties on the top shelf, I couldn't resist trying them out for an edgier, more modern look. Dilemma! I couldn't decide which ones I liked better (and I'm still not sure now). I ended up wearing the booties, for three reasons: 1) they are more comfortable; 2) I have less things in general that they go well with, so I had to seize another opportunity to wear them; 3) they took me just a little outside my typical "style zone" and I wanted to shake things up a bit. After all, they're just shoes, people - you gotta have fun with it! 
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!
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  1. Wow those shoes look so smart and trendy. I just love how you have complemented those shoes with that beautiful hat.Your entire look is just amazing. Fashion is about carrying one self in the most different manner.

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