Friday, September 11, 2015

Once Upon a Time...

On a quiet, tree-lined street in a quaint little village not so far away...
beyond the street-side shadow puppets created by the morning sun on a wrought iron fence...
A favorite clutch from Bodhi Bags with a giant safety pin handle and whimsical shoes from British brand Poetic License with ice cream cones for heels seemed apropos for my first visit to The Cake Bake Shop. 
you'll find a little jewel of a house turned bakery whose fresh white paint and well-manicured lawn provide just the slightest glimpse of the magic that awaits inside.

Stepping through the front door of The Cake Bake Shop in Broadripple Village is like stepping through the looking glass into a living fairy tale.
Midi skirt (Chicwish); Cardigan (Pinup Girl Clothing); Sequin top (Dress Barn)
Cherry blossoms explode from crystal vases on smooth white marble countertops veined in the softest grey; crystal chandeliers twinkle from above, their facets creating tiny prismatic rainbows; a whimsical ferris wheel with an Eiffel Tower base fills the front window with European flair; and bakers dressed crisply in shades of white and pale pink are quick with a smile and friendly greeting even as they go about the business of sprinkling faery dust on every cupcake, cookie, and cobbler.
I'm not kidding about the faery dust - edible glitter adds iridescent sparkle and a finishing touch to signature sweets that are made from scratch each day (using fresh, often local ingredients and not small children like Hansel and Gretel). 
The 18k and plique a jour fairy pendant is more than 100 years old. It's my favorite estate sale piece, and I've worn it with everything from jeans to black tie.
The Cake Bake Shop is not so much a bakery as it is an experience. In addition to pastries both elaborate and simple, you can also enjoy fresh quiches and savory sandwiches for brunch or lunch, and I highly recommend sipping a glass of hibiscus infused pink champagne while you peruse the day's bakery selections and delight in the many small details that create the decadent ambience.
It's not inexpensive, but both the beauty of the setting and the artistry of the chefs make it a worthwhile occasional indulgence - the perfect place to catch up with a friend; celebrate an engagement, a birthday, or a stellar report card; or as a special destination for a mother-daughter outing.
The pie in the bottom right corner of the pastry case is the famous peanut butter cookie banana cream pie. It's a staff favorite.
Unfortunately for me, I have a number of dietary restrictions due to a chronic condition that prevent me from enjoying all that The Cake Bake Shop has to offer. Yet, if I could choose a dessert for a "last meal," it would without question be the bakery's banana cream pie, and I don't even like pie.
In fact, as desserts go, pie isn't even on my radar. Except. This. Pie. Cake Bake banana cream pie is no ordinary pie: the crust is actually a soft peanut butter cookie crust, the filling includes fresh banana slices in every bite; and the top is drizzled in a rich salted caramel. If all pie had a peanut butter cookie crust and a salted caramel drizzle, I'd like pie a lot more. Now if it were just gluten and dairy free, as well....Alas, that's where the fairy tale ends.
The Cake Bake Shop is located at 6515 Carrollton Avenue and is open seven days a week. What are you waiting for?!
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!
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