Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Lauren, Catherine, Lana, Too...

Despite Marilyn's mug on my neckwear, the glen plaid menswear trousers, trench coat, brogues, and fedora are decidedly more Hepburn than Monroe.
"Greta Garbo, and Monroe. Deitrich and DiMaggio. Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean, on the cover of a magazine. Grace Kelly, Harlow, Jean, Picture of a beauty queen. Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, dance on air. They had style. They had grace. Rita Hayworth gave good face. Lauren, Katherine, Lana too. Bette Davis, we love you."
I found the scarf at a vendor booth at a fundraising walk; Brogues (Frye, Zappos); Watch (Fossil, Nordstrom Rack); Pants (Bass, thrifted)
If the sight of this scarf leaves you with an irrational desire to frame your face with your hands and "strike a pose," welcome to my world. If it doesn't, you did not grow up in the 90s. Marilyn is actually my least favorite of the sixteen icons called out in Madonna's classic hit (though I'm still a fan). My own taste runs more toward Kate than Norma Jean. In fact, Catherine, Lauren and Grace top my list of Old Hollywood style icons, along with Audrey and Veronica, neither of whom got a shout out in Vogue despite their clear contributions to Tinsel Town's Golden Age. Come on, Madge, surely you could have worked them in! (How about "Audrey, Garbo, and Monroe.... Lake and Haworth gave good face?") 
Fedora (Marigold Clothing in Broadripple, IN); Trench Coat (Insight, The Secret Ingredient). Love headwear? Check out the The Style Crone's Hat Attack for some amazing chapeaus!
I've always loved the glamour of Old Hollywood, and many of my favorite movies of the era are at least as well known for their stunning costumes as they are for their plot. Case in point: Funny Face - Givenchy's elegant designs for Audrey's librarian turned model Jo Stockton are still relevant today, making the movie a joy to watch despite the razor thin plot. Likewise for How to Marry a Millionaire - Bacall's sharp suits and the film's introduction of the "New Look" silhouette provide a visual feast, but the plot is archaic if still amusing.
 Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!
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  1. You make any look shine. The "Marilyn" scarf with your fedora sets off your ensemble perfectly. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!