Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year's Resolutions and all that jazz...

Brocade and Lace Dress (Byron Lars; Enza's Boutique); Hat (Loreta Corsetti Couture Millinery). I've worn both the dress and hat several times, but this was the first time I've ever paired them together.
Happy Shoe Year! Cinderella lost her glass slipper after the ball as the clock struck midnight. I nearly missed the ball altogether when I couldn't find my own crystal slippers as we headed out to ring in the New Year.... Okay, that's a bit of an overstatement, but I did spend several minutes frantically searching my closet for the chosen A. Martinelli crystal heels before I remembered they were still twinkling amongst the branches of a Christmas tree featuring favorite sparkly shoes and evening bags in lieu of ornaments! 
Aha - that's where my shoes were hiding...I actually have a few pair of shoes that I like with the dress, but these crystal heels from A. Martinelli (which I found a Steinmart a few years ago) are the most comfortable for dancing; My champagne bucket purse from Kate Spade made its debut a year ago - it's the perfect bag for ringing in a new year.
Mini wardrobe-crisis averted, we danced into 2016 at the Palladium with New York based band The Hot Sardines, which Forbes called "one of the best jazz bands in NYC today." All I can say about this band is Wow! Whether you're a jazz fan or not, I'd be shocked if you weren't entertained by a live performance from this 8 member ensemble famous for its tap dancing percussionist. Seriously, check them out! Every number made me feel like we'd been dropped into the set of a Turner Classic Movie, and I couldn't contain myself from bouncing around in my seat and taking advantage of room to dance in our box above the stage. To my (almost) embarrassment, this did not go unnoticed by the band's Parisian lead singer, who called me out just prior to the encore for my festive chapeau and attitude. I might have blushed when she said I looked like a living Statue of Liberty making a NYE cameo in Carmel, but I was pretty excited when she asked to snap a picture with me after the show. It was a memorable New Year's Eve, indeed.
I wore the Loreta Corsetti hat with a different dress to celebrate New Year's Eve two years ago, and was excited to discover how well it coordinated with this year's dress, too. In a crowd of paper party hats, a more deliberate look will not go unnoticed.
As for looking ahead at 2016, I'm not big on New Year's resolutions. As I said last year, I believe if you can do better, you should. It doesn't matter what day of the year it is. Every day is a new opportunity to make good choices and to be a good person. I prefer to take my resolutions one day at a time, which keeps me from procrastinating (you know, "I'll start on Monday...I'll start next month..."). It also keeps feelings of failure at bay when I don't achieve my goals on a certain day - the next day is a new opportunity; a new beginning - no need to wait for a new week, new month, or new year. 
I'm terrible at yoga, so this is my own version of a "tree pose!"
I hope all of you kicked up your heels on New Year's Eve and you're ready to put your best foot forward each and every day in 2016. 
Clockwise, from top left: my 1940s Wyler diamond watch from G. Thrapp's Estate Collection was perfect for the noir vibe of the evening; Current In Carmel journalist and photographer Amy Pauszek took this photo of KDef, me, and of course, the celebratory champagne purse. You can read and see more of Amy's work here; To my delight, the band leader and lead singer of The Hot Sardines addressed their latest album to "The Statue of Liberty"; It's pretty cool when you're waiting in line to meet the band and the lead singer requests a picture with you rather than the other way around!
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!
This year's hat, shoes, and purse have all been part of prior NYE ensembles, too. No need to buy something new when you can create new looks with items you already own and love.
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  1. Incredible ensemble! You never cease to amaze. I am also impressed with your creative tree decorations and smiled at your "tree pose." Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack.

    Sounds like you had a glorious New Years Eve. All the best to you in 2016!

    1. Thank you, Judith! Your tree poses are much more graceful than mine. I continue to love how you bring us together monthly. Happy New Year and best wishes for another year filled with love, friendship, adventure, and style!

    2. Thank you, Judith! Your tree poses are much more graceful than mine. I continue to love how you bring us together monthly. Happy New Year and best wishes for another year filled with love, friendship, adventure, and style!