Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Patchwork Puppy Love

Skirt (American Living); Cardigan (Ruff Hewn); Bag (Michael Kors)
This skirt. This skirt reminds me of a beloved plaid, puffy patchwork quilt that saw me through law school and the first several years of my career. I don't have it anymore. The stuffing was poking out of several rips in its plaid flannel backing before I finally let it go. The rips weren't my fault - they were caused by the only living being who loved that quilt more than I did: Atticus Finch DeFord. 
I had the riding boots monogrammed by an artisan I discovered on Etsy; Atticus love to snuggle in his beloved patchwork quilt.
Atticus Finch DeFord. Mostly black lab; a little of I don't know what; and full of unconditional love. He was a tiny ball of fur when my brother discovered him in a hollowed out log on the back of my parents' farmland. It was love at first sight. His brothers and sisters were sweet, too. But Atticus had the goofiest little tuft of hair that curled just so from the end of his tail, an anomaly in his otherwise sleek labrador coat, much like a lifelong cowlick I hide with a deep side part (and forget about wearing bangs...)
Necklace (The Limited); Watch (Fossil)
Atticus loved the patchwork quilt from the day we brought him home. He didn't mean to tear it up; he just couldn't stay away from all that fluffy softness. I know how he felt because that's exactly how I felt about him; I just couldn't stay away from all that fluffy softness! I miss that quilt. I miss that dog even more.
Atticus looked so tiny as a puppy fast asleep on the puffy, king-sized patchwork quilt. He claimed it as his own from day one.
He gave us eleven incredible years, and I still get misty when I think about him. The hole he left in my heart is bigger than any rip in the patchwork quilt. He's been gone since 2009. His (also patchwork) bed still lays at the foot of my own, long empty. This is the longest I have ever lived without a pet. I need to fix that. I used to say that I loved the name Atticus for a dog so much that I would name all my future dogs Atticus, too. I've changed my mind about that. I will have and love more dogs one day, no doubt. But there will forever be only one Atticus Finch DeFord.
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!
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