Saturday, December 21, 2013

Buffalo Solstice

The wavy design of the silver pendant echoes the ruffles along the collar of my black leather jacket and those created by the gathers up one side of the skirt - so fun to mix modern jewelry with backwoods plaid flannel.  Sterling and neoprene necklace (Dani Fishman; Grace Boutique); Turtleneck (Banana Republic); Leather jacket (INC, Macy's); Skirt (Lauren Ralph Lauren, Macy's); Bag (Wilson's Leathergoods); Gloves (Nordstrom); Suede knee-high boots ( 
Well, the sweet little reindeer we met at the Indianapolis Museum of Art's annual Winter Solstice Celebration was a big fan of this ruffled flannel buffalo plaid skirt.  Apparently, it looked good enough to eat because she certainly tried.  I thought reindeer were vegetarians - who knew she'd have a taste for buffalo! (Go ahead and groan - I couldn't help myself.)

Luckily, Sami the reindeer herder came to my rescue, and we enjoyed a great night with our niece and nephew on the museum grounds and inside the historic Lilly House.  In addition to reindeer, we met a few other animals native to Santa's homeland, including a Eurasian Eagle Owl and an arctic bunny.  We also got toasty by a roaring campfire while listening to carolers that looked like they just stepped out of Dickens' classic holiday tale; we watched two local artisans use chainsaws to turn giant blocks of ice into stunning crystal-like showpieces; and we got "hands on" creating our own suncatcher art.  I love that the IMA hosts this annual, free community event that gives so many people the opportunity to enjoy the museum's beautiful grounds and experience art in an interactive, memory-making way.  

When we joined the IMA as members for the first time this year, I had no idea there would be so many opportunities to engage beyond just viewing the exhibits.  I've been to films, taken classes (read about one of them here), been on a field trip (read about it here), and gone to several events that "artfully" combined the museum's collections with social opportunities (and by social opportunities, I mean cocktails with friends)!  You can learn more about the benefits of membership here.

I also have the IMA to thank, indirectly, for the sterling silver and neoprene necklace I wore to the Solstice Celebration.  I first met the designer of this piece, Dani Fishman, at an IMA screening of Versaille '73: American Runway Revolution (read about it here), where I was captivated by a similar piece she was wearing.  Our paths have since crossed on a number of occasions, and I recently picked up her uber cool modern design at local boutique Grace.  My niece remarked that the hand-formed pendant reminded her of a Sun Chip.  That's no coincidence - the artist herself told me they were her inspiration for the piece!  
Here we are with Sami the Reindeer Herder and the sweet little pregnant reindeer that tried to eat my skirt!
 Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!

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