Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry...Groundhog Day?!

Tank (Kasper, Kasper Outlet); Cardigan (Dress Barn); Watch (Geneva, Steinmart); Shoes (Lindsay Phillips Switchsnaps)
Twenty-two years ago today, I received the biggest Christmas surprise of my life.  It was not a spectacular pair of shoes, and it definitely did not come with a gift receipt, so it's a good thing I kind of liked it....

It was my Freshman year of college and I was home for the holiday break.  I woke up early to help my mom prepare for Christmas dinner.  I wandered to the kitchen to find her standing at the counter over a fresh batch of yeast roll dough, but she had a grimace on her face that did not speak of peace on Earth and goodwill toward men.  In fact, she was clearly in a lot of pain.  It was not her due date, but she was in labor!  Her contractions were slightly more than 10 minutes apart but she ignored the suggestion that we should make a bee line for the hospital, determined to finish the yeast rolls first.

Mother knew best because my little brother didn't make his appearance until early afternoon, by which time I was starving and resigned to the fact that I was going to miss Christmas dinner altogether (not that Mom appreciated my bedside complaints).  But, while the rest of the family feasted on the now legendary yeast rolls and Grandma Betty's noodles, I was in the delivery room holding a beautiful baby boy while my Stepdad cut the umbilical cord.  We didn't know until the moment of his birth that it was a boy, and being in the delivery room was an experience I wouldn't exchange for 100 pair of Louboutins under the tree.

Of course, like most brothers and sisters, we like to give each other a hard time.  Six years ago, I found a greeting card that reads "Jackie finally got the puppy she always wanted.  Luckily, Santa didn't screw up this time and bring her a baby brother instead."  I bought an entire box, and I send this same card to my brother every single year, doctored to feature my own name.  The second year he got it, he thought I just forgot I'd sent him the same card the prior year.  By the third year, he'd figured out I was channeling the movie "Groundhog Day" with a reappearing Christmas card.  At this point, I think he'd be disappointed if I didn't give him the same card!

Like my brother's Christmas card, this outfit is making a recurring appearance this year.  I love the twist front of the black tank and wear it often, but this particular combination of tank and bright red cardigan is strictly holiday fare.  As for the holiday socks and removeable "naughty" or "nice" snaps on my Lindsay Phillips quilted ballet flats - they're admittedly cheesy but comfy and fun for our casual farmhouse family gathering, and they make me smile almost as much as teasing my brother.

Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!
Not sure what I'll do when I run out of these cards.  Luckily, it was a BIG box.
My brother's Merry Christmas 21st birthday, 2012 - he's not so "little" anymore.

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