Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"Clearly" My Favorite Boots

Boots (Miista, Modcloth.com); Watch (Michael Kors, Nordstrom); Scarf (Betsy Johnson, Steinmart - see it styled differently here and here); Eggplant velvet jacket (Facconable, Nordstrom Rack) 
I love boots.  Short boots, tall boots, cowboy boots, riding boots, flat boots, platform boots, even snow boots - I love them all!  Well, almost.... I do not love moon boots.  Moon boots may be my least favorite footwear of all time.  In the 5th grade, I had a pair of silver and peach moon boots.  I did not ask for them. I did not want them.  I hated wearing them.  I did not have a choice.  Sure, they kept my feet warm and dry, and I'm sure mom really did know best when it came to practical winter footwear choices.  But, there's a reason that moon boots were the funniest part of Napoleon Dynamite's wardrobe - they are heinous!

I'm sure some of the other kids in my elementary school also had moon boots, but they must have carried other shoes to change into once they got inside.  Not me.  I had to keep my moon boots on all day.  I distinctly recall trying to sneak into the mini-van sans moon boots one very snowy Friday night as we headed out to watch a varsity basketball game (well, my parents watched the game - I just wanted to get a strawberry-banana Lifesaver lollipop from the concession stand and hang out with my friends in the upper corner bleachers).  I didn't make it out of the house - my choice was "wear the moon boots or don't go to the game."  So I wore the boots, and spent nearly all four quarters trying to hide my feet underneath my coat.  Oh, the tribulations of a preteen shoe connoisseur!

These satin, floral print boots from Miista are about as far from Moon boots as you can get.  They were my birthday present to myself this November, and the geometric, translucent acrylic heels have made them a "clear" favorite in my closet.  I will admit they don't have the insulating, sure-footed, practical qualities of the moon boot when the snow flies, but I know I'll never feel the desire to hide them under my coat!
Skirt (Insight, Pretty Woman - read more about this locally owned Indiana boutique here)
Fashion is what you buy; Style is what you do with it!

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  1. THOSE SHOES ARE CLEARLY...AMAZING! yup! I'd be wearing them every single day for about a year. What a great Bday gift to yourself- and a gift to me to see them on ya! You look gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them and YOU with #shoeshine- you are a STAR!

  2. Thank you! I popped over to Shoeshine on the advice of the Style Crone. So nice to find another kindred shoe spirit!